Empowers everyday people to work together on climate change solutions, and works to build support in Congress for a national bipartisan solution to climate change. 

climate reality project

 Develops leaders to help inform the public about climate change and catalyze a global solution to the climate crisis by making climate action a necessity throughout all of society.

 Works to mobilize the public to stand up and protest against the fossil fuel industry, to stop all new coal, oil and gas projects, and to build clean energy for all. 

Earth Day Network

Works to solve climate change, to end plastic pollution, to protect endangered species, and to broaden, educate, and activate the environmental movement across the globe.

Interfaith Center for Sustainable Development

Reveals the connection between religion and ecology and mobilizes faith communities to act. The group currently operates in Africa, the Middle East, North America, and Europe. 


An interfaith coalition for the environment that works with houses of worship, religious schools, and people of all faiths to help them become better environmental stewards.  



earth guardians

Inspires and trains diverse youth to be effective leaders in the environmental, climate and social justice movements.

on the road for climate action

Engages with communities across the entire U.S. in order to raise awareness about climate change and showcase climate impacts as they're unfolding throughout the country.

sierra club

Focused on environmental preservation by engaging in lobbying politicians to promote environmentalist policies and support sustainable energy and climate mitigation. 

natural resources defense council

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Youth Climate Strike

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environmental defense fund

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local - climate action


oc clean power

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local chapters of major groups

Many of the groups listed as "global" or "national" organizations in the section above also have local chapters. These include Citizens' Climate Lobby,, Climate Reality Project, On the Road for Climate Action, Sierra Club, and more. Thus, be sure to check out each group and get involved at a local level!

local - tree planting



Mobilizing the public to plant trees in OC. Contact 


The city of Anaheim will plant trees in your yard for free as part of their new program! 

Tree People

They're greening a community near you!

U.S. Forest Service

The U.S. Forest Service has lots of info about forest restoration and community tree planting programs. 

Trees for Health Garden

An association that promotes the public education, cultivation, and enjoyment of healing plants through direct experience, research, and sharing of expertise.  


Grassroots organization that works ceaselessly to protect wildlife habitat in Orange County for the sake of its wild inhabitants and the people who love it.